The Poolvergnuegen is a suction side pool cleaner features an internal programmed steering system that works to clean the entire pool surface without getting stuck in corners or hung up on the main drain. It has a self adjusting turbine that uses your pool systems water flow to effortlessly move the cleaner around the pool, cleaning the dirt and debris from the pool surface.

Item#: PVN013V
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  • Suction side pool cleaner for in-ground swimming pools
  • Self-adjusting turbine for maximum power
  • Easily clears larger debris from the pool
  • Internal programmed steering system to ensure the cleaner doesn't get stuck in the deep end or in corners
  • Ideal for all pool surfaces and shapes
  • Includes 30 feet of vacuum hoses
  • Durable tires with tread wear markers
  • Adjustable skirt system ensures optimal suction